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Presently the Bali real estate market is pretty flat, and anyone who is in the game here will tell you the same unless they’re lying to you! There just isn’t really any interest in Bali property, and there are very few tourists on the island – and those that are here are mostly Australians.

Recently the new Indonesian minister of the Land department (Menteri Agraria dan Tata Ruang/Kepala Badan Pertanahan Negara), Mr. Ferry Mursyidan Baldan made it very clear that he was aware that there are many foreigners in Indonesia especially Bali & Lombok who own freehold properties that are registered in the names of nominees and that he was going to look into the matter with a view to identifying those foreigners and have such properties forfeited to the state or they would become the true property of the nominees.

Well, this is not really anything new in terms of Bali real estate – and in fact the only way that said foreigners could be identified is if officialdom were to run internal checks in regional Land offices to find the names of the foreigners whose names have been entered in deeds below the name/s of their respective nominees in the form of caveats. As such, it would be wise for all foreigners to take notice, and remove the caveats so as to stop attracting attention to themselves.

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