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Buying Property in Bali

If you are looking to purchase a villa, house and land, or a property development; this section will answer most of your questions about buying property in Bali.

Bali has been famous in the eyes of the world for over one hundred years now, and “the beast of tourism” has in recent years helped fuel property prices on our island to the point where we feel that they have more than reached their market maximum.

In the nineties Bali was overwhelmed with hotel development. Presently, the development of residential properties and shops is continuing unabated. “Developers” the world over have a habit of over-doing things, and Bali it would seem is no different.

The real estate market is fragmented, unco-ordinated, and deserves to be driven, which is easier said than done. About as easy as making Vendors & Lessors in Bali understand that prices need to go down!

Presently, the majority of properties on the market are, in our opinion over-priced, and essentially “property prices” are due for a correction. We are, however talking about Bali, where the ‘locals’ (both indigenous & the ever-growing expatriate population) have only every seen property prices go up.

Bali Real Estate

The “kindergarten” political scenario which is presently being played out in Jakarta is costing the country dearly in real business terms. As such not a lot is happening in Bali’s Real Estate market at this time. Essentially, until such time as the political & business climate in Indonesia is in better shape, the vast majority of potential investors, home buyers are quite rightly ‘sitting on the fence’.

Additionally, over the last 18 months Bali has become home to an unprecedented number of individuals who have set up shop as realtors & agents for vacation homes. If you do not want to make mistakes in property matters, we strongly recommend that you select an established property agent, such as Intouch, who will guide you step-by-step through a property transaction.

When there are more “sellers” than “buyers”, there are always properties that stand head & shoulders above the rest.