Bali villas for weddings & big events

Recently I was very lucky to have spent part of my day inspecting “Sabata Villas” in Canggu, Bali with the owners.  This stunning complex of Bali villas can accommodate a big group of up to nine couples. There are 4 x 2 bedroom villas and 1 x 1 bedroom villa. All of these villas have private pools, with the two largest villas having 20 meter long lap pools.

The “Sabata” Bali villas can be rented independently but in fact it is the perfect venue for a large group of friends, family, birthday bashes or weddings. All 5 villas have connecting doors /gates in the gardens, and the connecting door for the two larger villas opens up to create a space where you can entertain or have a sit down dinner for up to one hundred people!

All the Bali villas in this complex have modern kitchens, and there is also a commercial kitchen on the property complete with a head chef & two cooks. Meals can be served in any/all of the Sabata Villas, in the private gardens where you can also have barbeques in a ny of the villas’ gardens.

And, there are things that you won’t find in many Bali villas, such as a water purification system that enables guests to drink the tap water. Also, the owners have an excellent selection of imported wines, eg. Australian, French, Chilean etc that are available to guests at cost wholesale prices! This is a hobby for the owners of these 5 star Bali villas – where they & like minded friends who appreciate quality can enjoy the very best that Bali has to offer.

The Sabata Villas is inTouch Bali’s pick of the month, & to find out more the link will take you there. Truly awesome!

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