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All residents can have access to the extensive common areas on the first and second floors, making each apartment much bigger than the actual floor plan. Enjoy a barbecue in the shade, cool down in the pool or spend a relaxing afternoon in the green garden.

First Floor Apartments
The first floor apartments offer the central and convenient life in Bali that you’ve always wanted. Designed around the concept of bringing the Balinese villa experience into a compact, practical and affordable living space, these one-bedroom apartments are small wonders that will suit the younger, creative visitors of Bali. An open living area and a luxurious bedroom are the immediate assets, providing quality of life in a compact size. And don’t forget the common areas that are always accessible offering a social hangout area with a garden and pool.

Apartment Prices

  • APARTMENT #1 – 2 Bedrooms : US $329,000 / 30 Years / Leasehold Tenure
  • APARTMENT #2 – 1 Bedroom : US $159,000 / 30 Years / Leasehold Tenure
  • APARTMENT #3 – 1 Bedroom  : US $169,000 / 30 Years / Leasehold Tenure


  • The 1 Bedroom apartments are aprox. 50 m2
  • The 2 Bedrooms apartment is aprox. 70 m2
  • Pool + Garden area (Common Area)

Second Floor Apartments
On the second floor you will find the 2-bedroom apartments offering the ultimate combination of open private spaces and access to the common areas. The open floor plan lets light in, but not the heat, and still provides shade and privacy thanks to the big green gardens, which makes it hard to believe you’re in the middle of Seminyak. With plenty of room for socializing and secluded, luxurious bedrooms, this is a great resort for the small family or young couple looking to enjoy everything that Bali has to offer.
Apartment Prices

  • APARTMENT #4 : US $249,000 / 30 Years / Leasehold Tenure
  • APARTMENT #5 : US $299,000 / 30 Years / Leasehold Tenure


  • 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Living room + Kitchen


  •  Aprox. 70 m2.
  • Pool + Garden area (Common Areas)


  • IN CENTRAL SEMINYAK : We love Bali, and we know you do too. That’s why we have made everything in our power to help you to live a sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle in our Eco Apartments. Everything from the foundation and materials to energy consumption and waste management has been thought through in every detail to make sure that our Eco Apartments exist in harmony with the Balinese nature and climate.
  • FACING THE RIGHT WAY : The orientation of the property is essential. Solar studies were conducted to achieve optimal orientation of the different rooms and guarantee the minimum cooling loads, & minimizing the need for air-conditioning.
  • FEEL THE BREEZE : The solar studies also allowed us to design a light façade that minimizes cooling loads in the building while maximizing the airflow from the consistent trade winds. All windows also have different shading devices to reduce sun glare and heat impact. This further helps minimizing the need for air-conditioning thus creating a natural & cool climate.
  • REDUCING AND RE-USING WATER : Water is fast becoming a precious resource in Bali! Therefore we have put a huge emphasis on both water demand reduction and water reuse. Planters filter all rain water and grey water coming from showers, sinks and drains before it reaches a collection tank in the basement to be reused for irrigation, flushing and cleaning. All black water is collected in a Bio-septic tank that naturally filters and processes the black water waste into clear and odourless water to assure no contamination into the ground / ground water.
  • LIVE ENERGY SMART : We have optimized every detail our Eco Apartments to be as energy efficient as possible. Everything from lighting and air-conditioning to fixtures and hot water is designed to minimize the building’s energy consumption without compromising a quality way of living in Bali.

This is a development of the highest standard – & there is underground parking too!

Property Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Cable TV/Satellite TV
  • Internet access
  • Power
  • Road Access
  • Swimming Pool
  • Water


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