At the time of writing there is approximately 23 & a 1/2 years remaining on this sub-lease offer for vacant land which was zoned for residential purposes by the Land Dept., Denpasar office on 23-12-2010.


This almost rectangular shaped plot of land would be best suited for the building of villas or a few substantial homes/villas.


Lessor now plans to develope 2,000 m2 (20 Are) & is open to sub-leasing the remaining 3,000 m2 in plots of 1,000 m2 (10 Are).


Provisions were made in both the Master lease & an Addendum thereafter to enable whoever is the holder of the lease to extend for an additional 25 years or in 5 yearly intervals at anytime & based on what is mutually agreed between the Land Holder & Lessee at that time.


The access road is decent & power is on-site.


Asking : US $375 / Are / Year


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