Thinking About Buying A Bali Villa In 2016?

If you are thinking of renting or buying a villa Bali at Villa Bali you have the right address! We were the first real estate agency on the island of Bali, dating back to 1989 – but in those days there weren’t any Bali villas or a Villa Bali to rent. The development of villas essentially  began in the early 1990’s & by the mid 90’s it was in full swing. Fast forward to now, and now there is a plethora to pick and choose from if you are looking at renting or buying here on the ‘Island of the Gods’.

If you are Australian, it would appear that the s#^t is about to hit the fan, if not already. Bank interest rates are about to rise in Australia, & with incremental monthly rise hikes, as I understand. Good luck if you have to service a mortgage. Me thinks that Australia is about to go down the dunny for a few years, or at least for a while.

With respect to a Villa Bali or a Bali Villa, there are currently many more leasehold than freehold properties on the market. If you are a foreigner, by law you are not permitted to buy freehold property in Indonesia. As such, the majority of foreign buyers prefer the leasehold option, and you do not need any special visa (your tourist via will suffice) to purchase a leasehold property anywhere in Indonesia.

The real estate market in Bali, as I write is depressed – & as an Aussie seasoned R.E. professional of more than 25 years on Bali, whatever you are looking for on this magical island, I am sure that my staff & I will be able to help.