Villa Bali

If you are looking to buy a Villa Bali, in the heart of Seminyak, Villa Bali presently has two freehold properties that  are next door to each other. This is a very rare thing, as there are almost never any freehold properties for sale in the “Seminyak” area. And, our first villa Bali in the “Seminyak” area, is an older Bali style four bedroom + four bathroom property, with a decent sized pool & garden, that is set on 230 m2 of land and was extensively renovated in 2015, and, if like me you miss the good old days please use the link to find out more. And, it is proving to be a good little income producing property as well!

Link :

Both the above mentioned & the following Villa Bali properties are nicely recessed from the main street and have car access (from the rear) and off street parking. And, there is pedestrian & bike access from the main street to this villa Bali or by bike only. This minimalistic two bedroom + two bathroom villa is directly adjacent to the aforementioned Villa Bali & they share a communal parking area. Please use the link to find out more. Link :

And, if you happen to be in the Seminyak area, feel free to stop by our office for a coffee and a chat, and if you can’t, you will find all of our current listings and short term rental villas posted on our website.